Sunday, October 17, 2010

All assignments done... time to macro!

It's been a chaotic week: 1.5 (messed up) days working fulltime (and overtime) hacking frenzies to finish a software engineering group project (including redesigning + reimplementing the GUI for this, along with fixing bugs that kept cropping up and managing the team at the same time), 24 hours out from the deadline!. This was soon followed by doing writeups and last-minute fixes for a series of four other assignments due in succession over the next few days... phew!

But, at last, all assignments are now finally done for the year!

And what better way to relax, than to spend the weekend doing something completely different...

My favourite of the three...

Photographing food is fun. Especially, photographing tasty food, and then eating it after that :D

Some more food (though the quality on these isn't quite as high IMO):

But besides food, there are also some other interesting things around the house, such as...
Rock-roses. I'm finally starting to understand why some macro photogs use narrow apertures...

Random leaf... probably should have tried again with deeper DOF for the effect I originally intended

It may not look like it, but this is a strawberry, on one of our new strawberry plants.

Lavender flowers. They really look better in abundance than close up I've found now :/

Shells decorating the bathroom mirror. Collected from a trip to Akaroa.

Another shot of some of the shells. Patterns look quite neat in photos...
And speaking of patterns...
Toothbrushes. I've had an eye on getting a closeup of the backs of these Colgate toolbrushes for a while...

Falling gumdrops. An old light-fitting from my grandparents.

Money money money! It makes the world go round...

And going around in cycles waiting for dinner...
Comm'on! Estoy bonita esta noche!
Yes... I'm looking at you!
I spy with my wide-angled eyes... err... nom nom nom... just gimme the goodies already! 

Oh... and I should mention that apart from the last 2, I don't think I "needed" to PostPro any of these.


  1. Be careful! Once you start with insects there's no coming back... nice pics, especially liked the food and goldfish ones.

    I've got a Blender question: is it (will it be) possible to animate an F-curve modifier property? Like the "Strength" value inside the "Noise" modifier? I'm not being able to add keys nor drivers.

    Sorry to post this question here, It would go better inside an FAQ post.


  2. Haha... I'll stay away from those things. I can't really stand looking at all those hairy + pointy + leggy bits they all seem to have :P

    Animating F-Modifier values was originally planned, but it looks like this needs some special solutions so that it will work. Driving them though is impossible short of a major special hack for these only.