Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Photo Collages...

A picture says a thousand words... A collection of photos tells a story.
Recently between coding work on two different projects and an ongoing home renovation project, I've been busy taking photos for fun. While browsing through each day's "takings", I found that some of them looked quite good in combination with each other more so than if they were just standalone.

So, while playing around with ways of combining them, I stumbled across Picasa's Collage tool, which does a surprisingly good job of getting an eye-pleasing arrangement without much work a lot of the time. Without further ado, here are the pics!

Taken during some of the hotter days this summer over the New Year period. Although these were originally shot in colour, I found that converting these to greyscale and boosting the contrast gave these a graphic quality which was quite interesting.

The pleasures of nightfall
Night-time is an interesting time. With the onset of darkness, comes the sounds and smells of food being prepared, beautiful light, and a peaceful atmosphere.

A friend?
Bubu loves chasing his reflection around his tank, that is, when he can see it ;) This "pre-dinner" dance is particularly entertaining, especially after a long day...

And finally, another view of a set from a previous blog post :)

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