Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rigger Service Announcement - Time to Update Your Rigs Again

In the same vein as public service announcements, I'd like to take this opportunity to alert riggers out there to some recent changes to the RNA/Py-API that cause some rig breakage from 2.56 to 2.57.

A recent commit (r. 35764) by Campbell will break ShapeKey Drivers and/or ShapeKey Animation, as the "keys" collection in the "Key" ID-Blocks (i.e. container for ShapeKeys) has been renamed to "key_blocks", to avoid conflicts with Python's builtin datatypes.

Recommended Remediation Procedure:
Run the "FCurve/Driver Version Fix" operator from the Help menu.
- You will need a build of at least r.35804 35808 to do so, as Driver F-Curves were not fixed by this operator prior to this commit
- EDIT: After doing so, you may still encounter problems with some drivers still not working correctly. See this bugreport for details/updates

Thank you for your attention.


  1. Luckily my project was just finished. when will 2.57 released ?

  2. Somewhere within two weeks.
    The plan was to release it somewhere March 30-31, as far as I remember, but that may or may not be the date.

  3. Thanks Aligorith

    This recommendation works great

  4. thanks for this! saved hours of head scratching cheers

  5. Aligorith, will you apply to sumer of code this year? i hope yes!