Thursday, February 2, 2012

Animators Wanted - "Pose Sculpt" Alpha Testing

Over the past few weeks, I've been busily working on developing a set of new tools aimed at improving the ways that we can pose our rigs. Today I can finally announce that Pose Sculpting is now finally here and ready for an initial round of alpha testing out in the field!

Pose Sculpting Demo 1 from Joshua Leung on Vimeo.

So, calling for alpha testers, and importantly, feedback!

What is Pose Sculpting?

The idea behind Pose Sculpting is that instead of having to select and transform bones one by one, axis by axis, parameter by parameter, we can use the brush-based sculpt techniques to do so instead. That is, no more hunting for bones hidden underneath geometry (or showing all of 'em and getting confused), selecting and nudging them step by step with various transforms.

Just start drawing over the body parts where the controls are, and watch as the pose changes following your mouse movements. In fact, the controls don't even have to be visible in the viewport (as the top two images show), since those were posed while appearing as shown.

For more information, have a read through:

Where to get a copy to play with?
For those with the technical know-how, you can grab yourself a copy of the code from the Git repository using:
git clone git:// -b pose_sculpt psculpt

Or, grab a copy of the sources from:

A list of available builds will be added here in due course (pending availability). Volunteers for this welcome!

Where to send feedback?
Fill out this simple form on Google Docs:

Post feedback to my email address (as per the PDF).

Thanks and have fun!


  1. Hi Aligorith. Great features! Thank you!

    Here is the Win64 build for testers:

  2. hi
    can you export this as a batch to include in experimental builds, instead of a branch, i can't wait to test, thanks for the tools.

  3. great stuff :) . thanks a lot

  4. Can we also the bunny test rig? I tried Turtle blend rig, and the rig goes crazy.

  5. Looks really cool and useful :-)
    But I guess you need to adapt your rig to this work flow to really take advantage of this feature.

    Is there some kind of smooth brush as well? Or maybe the reset with low strength works like smooth?

  6. I did a compilation for linux 64bits:

  7. Great job!
    you can try to change the poselib?
    look at this

  8. can somebody provide a compressed file from the repository?, thanks.

  9. ok, never mind i found it :)

  10. Looks absolutely incredible. I'm waiting for a OS X build.

  11. what an impressive new feature! I cant wait for an OSX build to test out. From the video this looks GREAT!

  12. Hi,

    I run a Portuguese Blender Blog and was wondering if I could translate this post and post it in my blog. I'd of course give you all that credit.

    Thanks and I'll be waiting for an answer.

  13. This is a big big thing for animators. I've think of this tool since 7 years, but I'm not a coder... It's really great to see it in action. Congrats! I wish I'll have time to play with it soon. This thing should really be inside trunk.

  14. all links dont run plese new download link