Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paper Jams

Just my luck: while trying to print off some stuff this morning, I ended up with a bit of a problematic paper jam...

Somehow, a sheet of A4 paper had become crumpled/folded in the printer, with one corner of it sticking out like an origami flame or napkin (as seen above), and the other end wedged firmly underneath the print head (as seen after opening the lid). Unfortunately, things weren't a lot better from the print tray - a narrow < 1 inch slit 2-3 inches deep - where a mere 1-2 cm of paper was still visible.

View from above - print tray
Yeaah... not exactly that promising...

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  1. I am firmly of the opinion that printers are sentient beings out to destroy humanity through frustrating drivers and continuous maintenance.