Wednesday, December 12, 2012


We take a short break from the travel chronicals for some timely news updates...

I'm graduating today (12/12/12) with my Bachelor of Science with Honours with First Class Honours in Computer Science. Yipee!

This comes after four long and exciting years of hard work, two-and-a-half in the shadow of earthquakes and their after-effects on the region. As a result of said events, many things have changed (e.g. I wouldn't be attending graduation in the Town Hall as I had always thought I would - it's now out of action, and is likely to be for very many years to come, if it survives the coming year in the face of government disapproval). In any case, it's time to enjoy the occasion tomorrow.



  1. Congratulations!! Blender community know you are an excellent developer. Now your university just certificates it.

  2. Hey, you live in my future ;) Here ( France ) , we are only december 11 :) So, congratulations from your past, one day before you graduate :)

  3. Congratz Joshua, you deserve it and thanks for all you have done for the community

  4. Congratulations man! All the best to you, thanks for all the interesting articles, your work on blender and its' animation tools, it's very much appreciated! Thank you and good luck to you and your future endeavors :)