Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bullet Rigidbody Integration in Trunk

Nearly a year to the day when I released a cleaned up (and updated) codebase for the Bullet Rigidbody Integration from my GSoC 2010 work, it's finally now in trunk (commits 54019 - 54026) !

Cheers to Sergej for finishing this off as part of his GSoC 2012 project. Enjoy!


  1. Cool, glad to hear this has finally made it to trunk. Thank you both for all your hard work on this project. It's very much appreciated, and the physics panel somehow looks so much more complete. Thanks again. Well, now I'm off to run an svn up and get started playing with this new feature! Oh, and thanks one more time!

  2. This is great!! Congrats, and thanks a lot for your hard work (yours and Sergej!) :D

  3. Great stuff - now where can I learn to use it? - hard to find docs