Friday, November 8, 2013

Silvereyes in Action [Video]

This evening, I returned to my desk to find two silvereyes happily munching away, the closest just centimeters from the window. Not wanting to frighten them off, I decided to try capturing some video of their antics...

"This is the life!" - A plump silvereye surrounded by an all-you-can-eat buffet, leisurely munching away.

"Clumsy Silvereye" - This is one of my two favourite clips from today. I crack up every time I watch the antics of the hungry, clumsy, and slightly plump silvereye in this clip. So cute!

There's also a third video, but I'll hold off uploading that one lest I inadvertently overuse my bandwidth allowance and suffer Internet downtime for the next few days (not that I won't now :/) due to crappy throttling which results in frequent infuriating timeouts. Here it is, uploaded from where with a faster and less bandwidth limited connection. (BTW, the downtime from last time lasted 3-4 days)

"Close Up" - A silvereye dining right up against my window.

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