Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Firey Blue Sunset

Here are some shots from last night's sunset. Although I missed the start of it, I managed to catch the second half from 5:30 onwards after spying the strong orange-red glow it was emitting across the north-western corner of the sky.

The skies yesterday had been quite complex, with the multiple layers of a nor-west arch in the background, and a few patches of weird, gray, "floating" clouds (which looked like something straight off an artist's canvas). As the sunset progressed, it turned out that that floating blob of gray cloud would prove to be a very interesting element to photograph, since it glowed in a strange way in front a chaotic firey-red glowing backdrop, bursting out from the rich blue night sky.

As the night progressed, some other cloud forms started showing up towards the north. Specifically, a dragon-like formation...

With a strong nor-west wind blowing across town this week, we're sure to have a lot more interesting skies in the evenings to come...

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