Friday, January 16, 2015

Humid Surreal Sunset

Today marked the start of what is shaping to be another hot summery weekend, with temperatures rising to 27 degrees and hovering around that mark for most of the day. However, bang on 8pm though, a brief rain shower came through, giving the plants a well-needed drink, and bringing the temperatures down a bit to a more comfortable temperature (though that was counterbalanced by the increase in humidity... yuck!). This lead to some very interesting cloud formations, a double rainbow, and an even fancier sunset...

It was quite a quick and sudden downpour, that petered out as quickly as it had arrived. As the clouds started to clear a bit, bold rays of sunlight started creeping out from under the blanket of cloud, lighting up the undersides of the clouds, and giving a light yellowish cast to the landscape.

A few minutes and  a slight shift in the weather later, a big, bright, double rainbow appeared across the eastern sky...

Meanwhile, the clouds across the rest of the sky were still continuing to change, and started forming into some brooding towering stacks. There was also a bit of light rain, as well as a strange smell in the air.

Fast forward another 5-10 minutes, and the sunset began in earnest. It was quite a show, with really surreal colours which looked like they had come straight out of some artist's craziest imaginations..

Oh, and the wonderful light... with a really bright and otherworldly "pink" glow over everything! These photos don't quite do justice to the light I saw - the yellows here are much too dark + saturated compared to what I saw.

Wow! What better way is there to wrap up one of the most exciting weeks in the Blender world in the past few years :D

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