Saturday, April 9, 2016

Grease Pencil Fun - "Hedgehogs" Character Sketches

I had a bit of fun this evening doing some little sketches of my "hedgehog" characters using Grease Pencil (with Antonio's stroke quality tweaks, as found now in master). I gotta say, the stroke quality improvements really do seem to make a massive difference for making these strokes feel a lot nicer to draw with!

First up, introducing Mr Russ Prickles!

Russ' Briefcase - He works for Prickles Industries Ltd. - doing what, no-one knows...

I came up with the basic character design for these a few years ago while attending some particularly boring talks, while some of the characters/elements are ideas I've been toying with on and off for over a decade. They were originally going to be part of a little short film (or more specifically, the opening sequence of that) - with Russ hitchhiking his way home along a deserted, grass-lined moonlit highway, carrying his briefcase, back to his family in the hedgehog colony in the woods. Also, all of this was to have played out against the backdrop of Roger Whittaker's "Good Morning Starshine".

Here's the rest of the sketches...
 Russ Prickles

Russ Prickles

"Winifred" - Don't ask how she got marooned up on that branch in the cold...

Uncle Harry - A used tire salesman


Bruno - Goofy Food Lover

Holly-Amber - A sweet, sometimes absent-minded nature loving lass. (Basically, a hedgehog Luna Lovegood)

Melvyn - The resident grump. (Trivia: The name for this one is a homage to one of my primary school teachers, who at the time was scary...)

The 3 Amigos - Your typical mischievous triplets

 Rufus the Drunk - Gets high and wasted every night from all the beer cans left outside the pub

Unnamed little hog

Grandpa Joe - They call him the "Unknown Wanderer" - Legendary for having made the "epic migration", though nowadays he can't even seem to find the fridge!

Perpetual Motion - On the run from something...

Russ Prickle's Briefcase - For Prickles Industries Ltd. - What do they do? Some say they manufacture the world's toothpicks... others say that they help scrub the world's toilets... while others claim that they are a band of reclusive acupuncture exponents.


  1. Hi Joshua

    I have just downloaded the last version of Blender and I am not able to see the latest feature done by @Antonioya... I mean the Stroke Quality Patch

    Am I missing something here?

    1. These are per-layer settings (disabled by default), and only available in development (buildbot/ builds. It is not available in 2.77/2.77a

  2. Bajé el ultimo Blender y encontré la tal función para el GreasePencil. Se nota que mejoró bastante el trazo del GP...

    Ahora solo faltaria alguien poder añadir lo que @Antonioya ha hecho con lo de los símbolos, para poder pintar las formas (sin salirse o colorear otras partes)

    He acabado de ver tu ultimo vídeo con el GreasePencil. De hecho es todo una inspiración el poder contemplar como lo has hecho. Fantástico!