Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Photo Highlights

As 2017 draws to a close, here's a collection of some of my favourite photos from this year. In past years, I'd have put up separate posts for each series, but since that's taking too much effort now, this will have to do.

Most are only from the second half of this year due to a mixture of thesis writing, multi-week rainstorms, disk space constraints (there's still 1/2 card of photos from late autumn I haven't got space to download and process yet).

June (Start of Winter / Finale Months of Thesis Writing)

Team NZ Victory Parade (During a Freezing Snow Storm)

Thesis Submission Weekend

First Post-Thesis Weekend
Visiting the new Spagalimis Central in Ironside House...

New spring flowers (at the start of August!) at the Botanic Gardens..

Epic corridor...

Birthday Celebrations
Checking out the newly opened "Little High" eatery in the CBD


"Fluffy Tail"

Dodo Fantail


Late Winter Sumner Trip

Rainy Bokeh


October (BConf Weekend)

Deans Bush - Paradise Ducks & Dwarf Mistletoe



Silvereye Season


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  1. Hi Joshua

    I appreciate your effort in taking time to inform us about your projects and development inside GreasePencil.

    I also appreciate those photos of yours.
    I like it very much those on the beach, lovely ones for a painting! ;)
    Also the Spider got my attention, the fishes being feed, and the ducks