Thursday, February 15, 2018

Silvereye vs Berry - Slowmo & Regular Speed

Yesterday evening, I caught a plump little silvereye blissfully feasting away on a tasty little yellow berry out the back of the house. Amazingly, I managed to stand there for a few minutes snapping away and recording footage through the gap between the window and the windowframe; it may have helped that the toilet was gurgling away nearby to drown out the clap-clap-clap-clap-clap of the shutter XD (hence why I've replaced the original audio with some more snippets of music from my thesis writing collections).

Here is the footage of the birdie in action. First up is the slowed down version (from 25 fps down to 5 fps):

It's comical watching the birdy chomping, twisting, and tugging away like this.

It's also surprising just how relaxed/serene it all looks when slowed down like this (something I've noticed when stepping through the footage of some earlier clips too) - it's almost like we're finally seeing the world at the speed that the birds actually live/experience it! And to think that I only really noticed this after watching the full-speed clip render out at about this speed and realising just how much more interesting it was to watch when played back this slowly... :D

Now, if you're wondering what it actually looks like at full speed, here's the full-speed version:

It looks a whole lot more frantic eh? (And, just to be clear, I didn't speed up the video... they really do move that quickly in real life!)

As always, these were edited in the Blender Sequencer - I still have the same complaints about ugly quirks in the workflow though :(

(Note to self: I must really get cracking on either adding per-strip blendin/out + better font/text support to the sequencer, OR just bite the bullet and put together my own FFMPEG-based "VIM x Node-Tree" video/audio editor project. If it wasn't for the overhead of setting up a new app structure from scratch and then maintaining it, I get the feeling that the latter would almost invariably end up being a better solution in the long run for my particular needs/workflow)

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