Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bullet SoC - Delays...

Just thought I'd make a little note here about the current status, since I said I'd have an initial prototype "working" by about now ("+/- 1 day").

Well, firstly, the good news:
All the basic components of what I consider necessary to be able to set up a basic sim (as in single cube falling onto a plane, which is as basic as it gets) at least now are now in place! AND it compiles and Blender still starts/works without major issues in general.

Here is the bad news:
As is often to be expected, I ran into a crash trying to set up a sim for the first time. What's the problem then?
  1. my usual debugging environment is buggered (as of time I checked a few days ago). That is, scons+mingw was having linking troubles, so no gdb debugs :(
  2. it's now after midnight, and it's probably too late to start troubleshooting build problems now and/or debug crashes in an unfamiliar debugger
  3. exams are coming up really imminently... as in 3 days time, and for a week ("an exam a day keeps the coding away", a sad variation of a famous saying)... so probably, unless I can fix the problems within 1-2 hours tomorrow morning, we won't be seeing the first prototype in action for another week and a bit at least :(
Oh, I should also mention that I've done a merge to latest stable Bullet (2.76) in my local tree. Had to delete the extern/Bullet2/src folder first to make it work, but other than that, it was just a case of copying over the new folder and compiling. Depending on whether Moguri gets clearance on adding his attempt at the merge to trunk, I might not have to commit this copy, but we'll see :)

Fingers crossed, I might still have a positive update tomorrow with some nice screenies and commits...

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