Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Resuming some normality...

Today I've finally started trying to resume work on all pending projects again that had been interrupted over the past few days.

Throughout the city, people and businesses are also trying to restore a sense of normality, with many people in non-affected areas returning to work today, bus services resuming soon, and parts of the CBD starting to open again. Certainly picking things up again should help in the healing process for the city, though some things will obviously still take time.

What has not really helped though are the aftershocks that passed through last night. After having had rather infrequent though still significant aftershocks for most of the day yesterday, we had a series of rather strong and violent 5 pointers just before midnight. These were quite unsettling, especially just around bedtime, and listening to the radio this morning confirms this, with many people not being able to fall asleep after this.

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