Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Go Blogger!

Yay for the newly added "Comments" and "Stats" tabs to Blogger (i.e. this blog's hosting platform). These are two tabs I've been been hoping would show up at some point. Yay!

On the downside though, I wish something would be done about the unreliability of the "Compose" WYSIWYG editor, which has a few glitches which are starting to get to me. So much so, that quite a lot of the time, I've picked up HTML again for creating the content here :)

If I had to list the bugs here, they would be:
1) Press enter twice at the end of a paragraph, and the cursor+view jumps back to the start of the post
2) Insert the "jump" break, go back and edit some text above this break, and then trying to add more text again below it by clicking there pressing enter creates a double line (followed by horizontal rules at irregular spacings below it for subsequent attempts)
3) Sometimes the cursor does not jump to the where new paragraph should start, but instead lingers at the end of the old paragraph until at least one word has been typed.
4) Applying and clearing formatting in certain ways while editing tends to leave a buildup of pairs of tags at the start of the content. Once I managed to get several pairs of empty spans and bold tags occurring before every entry in a list, after using bold-font at the start of the list (and spans arising from the titles earlier). However, this seems particularly due to the way I seem to use formatting tools, as I get similar problems in word processors except that they don't show me the tags so that I can verify this. Hence, these days to get around this I usually end up formatting stuff after typing a bit more first to avoid "carrying around" redundant tags.
5) Once I've had blocks of text vanish suddenly, which I assumed to be just an update bug due to too much content needing time to reload, but then this gets saved by the autosave, and the whole post's content vanishes for good.

If anyone on the Blogger team sees this, it would be cool to have this fixed (hint hint) ;)

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