Monday, February 7, 2011

Christchurch on a (Holiday Weekend) Saturday Night

This weekend I finally got around to heading out with my camera to the CBD for a bit of night-time photography experiments and also to take stock of post-quake sights since some cordoned off parts of town had finally been opened up again.

While some of these shots may be a bit underexposed, and/or dull in places, I think they capture quite well the general atmosphere out there that night.

A gaping hole in the skyline where the old Manchester Courts building used to stand. It's demolision following claimed "extensive damage" has taken nearly half a year, with the road around the site only being open to traffic again a few weeks ago.

Some heritage buildings have been quite badly affected, and are all boarded up, leaving shops like the ones above to be closed, perhaps permanently...

I found the effect of this shot quite interesting. While trying to fire off a quick shot, my camera's autofocus seemed to take a liking some stains on the windscreen instead, leading to these interesting OOF effects.

Shooting at night really seemed to heighten the graveness of the fate of the Coptic/Egyptian church on Edgeware road...

Howerver, not everything was so dreary...

And what a better way to cap off an evening than with some fireworks!

Note to self: next year, travel to the park earlier!

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