Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Earthquake Tribute Song

A few days after the original September 4th quake, while driving around surveying the damage, I came up with the following little melody, which I think is even more fitting today.

Two versions:
- Midi synthesizer version of the score
- A slightly improvised version "live" version (it was a bit of a rough recording, which I wasn't totally happy with yet, but I'm releasing it today)

I also still have some photos to upload from the camera later, but will leave those till later perhaps...


  1. Really liked the live, improvised tune! Very macabre. Also, glad to hear you, your family, and your fish survived.

  2. I could totally imagine that in a Zelda title if it gets a little more polished :)! I hope everything's fine over there.

  3. Hey, very cool music, sounds like a mix of jewish and japanese themes :)

    Glad to hear you are ok, maybe it's time to give your phone number to ton or something, Daniel was going crazy :)