Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of May Musings

Assignment season is in full swing again this week, leaving hardly any time to do any more coding than I'm already committed to for coursework.

Being the last day of the month, but also more importantly a Tuesday, I was up early this morning for a change. Over the past few nights, it's been quite chilly here (-2/-1 deg C) but warming up quite nicely during the day. Here are some shots taken between staggering out of bed, and rushing out the door ;)

By the time I get home, it's nearing the "golden hour". While sitting staring out the window while launching a minor hackathon on a small stash of bugs, the sky outside decided to put on a brilliant display...


Back to optimising a sudoku solver past the 100ms frontier, deciphering design patterns, and hacking together the next GUI extravaganza ;)

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