Wednesday, May 25, 2011

GSoC11 - Greeting Goodies

So as many of you will know already, yesterday was the official start of this year's Summer of Code coding period. After waiting on the branch setup situation to get cleared up yesterday, and attending the earthquake-induced-single-day-a-week lectures-marathon, tonight I could finally start coding!

As a warmup, I decided to implement a few simple todo's that I've been gathering up for the past little while. A few goodies:
  1. Added operator, "Animated Transforms to Deltas" (available from Object->Transform menu), which converts object transform animation to delta transforms. If you've ever done motiongraphics type stuff and/or have run into the "my duplicates of an animated object disappear" scenario, this operator is for you! (r.36859)
  2. Distance Limit Constraint now supports the "For Transform" option, so no more controls with mysteriously large values even though they're not moving anywhere, and also fixed some bugs I discovered while adding this. (r.36862)
  3. For the Paste Pose tool, "On Selected Only" option is now on by default. Stored poses only get
    pasted on to bones that are selected when pasting, instead of on the bones that were selected when copying, which can be useful for masking where your pastes end up. If you don't select any bones when pasting, then old behaviour still applies (or you could disable this option manually after running the operator). (r.36857)
Tomorrow I'll probably start moving on to some of the larger refactors that need to take place. Since those will take a while before they're stable, I'll be trying to use Git to manage these locally until they're ready. In the meantime, I may also manage to chip off a few of the other smaller todo's I've got lined up.

Enjoy the candy ;)


  1. I've been doing some walk-cycles these paste few days - and I cannot thank you enough for number 3! Number 1 looks neat too.

  2. Distance Limit Constraint, god of 3D sent... I mean Aligorith sent...

  3. also, where can I find a proper workflow for animating using your tools?