Friday, September 16, 2011

Blast from the past... "Developer Art"

"Goldfish Pond"

This is almost 2 years old now - it was a screenshot I made when I was working on Grease Pencil back in 2009. I think at the time I was just randomly trying to see what the strokes would look like if/when they overlaid each other, so I set about drawing a bunch of random squiggles - one layer per colour I think - which resulted in the image above.

Recently, I've been using this image as a convenient test image for some stuff I've been working on which is currently taking up quite a bit of time (this particular project has been in crunch this week, with a deadline end of next week).

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  1. Dear developer, I love Blender and your work is impressing. You implemented some new funtions in Graph editor without which I can't imagine Blender.
    But my perfomance falled down :(
    I wrote to you a month ago about this problem, and I hoped this was temporary until merging with main branch. But Blender is slow comparing to earlier builds. I speak about animation playback.
    What I say? I created a thread on and invite you to discuss this problem:
    P.S. I have noticed this low perfomance in your Pepper Builds and than in main Blender's branch.