Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MARS-CT GUI Summer Project

Tomorrow I officially begin work on a summer project at the HITLab on a Summer Scholarship scheme offered by UC. I'll be working on designing a proper GUI for a "spectral computed tomography" scanner being developed by the multidisciplinary MARS (Medipix All Resolution System) group.

From what I understand at this stage, their current GUI software is of the "evolved" and "in need of a decent refactor" state (cue remarks about far too many windows flying around the place making it hard to just scan the "gold mice").

As a far as Blender work goes, this means that at this stage I won't be starting any new major projects for the next few weeks, though I still have a few projects (along with an ever-increasing bug list in the tracker) in the pipeline which I'll draw attention to later.

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