Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Return of the Silvereyes

After waiting for a few days, the silvereyes have finally come to feast on the bottlebrush flowering outside my window.

From experience, I've found that although they are so close, it is very easy to scare them away if you have to move the net curtains away to get a clear shot of them (or risk getting a low quality shot through the nets).

So last night, I tried a new approach, which was to peg up the lower portion of the net curtains so that I'd get an unobstructed view but yet have amply shielding to prevent them from seeing my every movement (which is the problem of doing away with the nets completely). By leaving the nets pegged up for a while, I hoped that they would get used to the sight of that, and feeling unthreathened, would happily drop by to dine.

Also, after a but of a bummer year last year, I gave the bottlebrush a good pruning, which seems to have returned it to a bumper crop this year. There are some decent sized clusters out there that have a lot of photogenic potential!

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