Thursday, March 8, 2012

Argh! Damned Fraudsters!


It appears that a certain damned fraudster, or group of fraudsters, have spent the past weeks using some of the money left on one of my Google Summer of Code cards. Some $70 USD has been illegally spent over the course of the past week or two (as recent as yesterday, and as early as Feb 23rd - the day I fell ill) on the Apple iTunes Store (raking up $45 in one particularly rich feast - apparently through/from a Luxembourg address/account), Paypal, and some bogus skincare crap.

To add insult to injury, Citibank's phone systems have been impossible to navigate; dozens and dozens of different numbers, but none of which I can get through on.

Anyhow, damned be the "Luxembourg Fraudster or Fraudsters". I hope they face an unpleasant end to their days, but not before facing the full force of the law.

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