Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Exams Over

Yipee! Today marked the last of my exams for this semester's coursework. Finally, no more pressing deadlines for graded work for a while again... Yay!

Bunch of snaps taken when leaving after dark again a few weeks back...

Over the next month, we'll (the Cosc Honours students) get a month to work on our thesis-projects, starting tomorrow (actually, officially starting next week after Queen's Birthday). In any case, this means slightly more flexible hours again working on fun stuff (otherwise I wouldn't be doing it as a project!), and hopefully a bit of time here and there for some Blender dev too. Fingers crossed!

Speaking of months... where has May gone?! The past few weeks seem to have just flown by in a haze of deadlines, crazy assignments and exams, and days merging in to nights merging back into days. Apparently quite a bit of stuff has changed around town since I last got the chance to head out and take a look at it (one or two new additions to the skyline, but mostly beloved towering giants no more).

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