Tuesday, May 1, 2012

VSE - Quick tip for importing videos

Last week I needed to do some audio/video transcription on a screen capture for an assignment. From prior experience doing lipsync for fun, I knew this was going to involve quite a bit of back and forth scrubbing, something which VLC (the only media player that was willing to play back the file) is notoriously bad at...

Then again, it's probably true that most media players were not meant for accurate time control, and especially not for jumping around the timeline in small increments for sure, which neXyon/Joerg had quite a bit of trouble with when trying to integrate Audaspace into Blender.

... anyways, Blender to the rescue!

I imported the video into Blender and started playing it back. About a minute or two into it, I suddenly realised that the audio and video were out of sync! Fortunately, I hadn't started segmenting the strips (KKEY) to divide these into shorter clips for easier navigation/management later, or started inserting markers to define any interesting points within those strips for further investigation/transcription.

The lesson of this story is:
Remember to ensure that the frame rate of the video you're importing and the frame rate setting in Blender (at the time of insertion) are the same. It's no use trying to fix this after the fact (the strip is already the wrong length).

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  1. Thanks for the tip, I'd heard that before but it seems like I always forget about it when I'm adding videos to the sequnce editor...
    It would be kinda nice if Blender could warn you when you're importing a video that has a different framerate than you have set in Blender.