Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bone Group Colours and F-Curve Groups

Following on from this earlier post, from the commit-log:
Colors used by Bone Groups are now copied/assigned to Action Groups too when
they're created now. This completes the work started in r.46960 to restore this
functionality from 2.48.

Currently, there is no control over when/whether these colors are copied over
(although it is possible to disable the display of these colors for relevant
animation editors if desired). Originally I was going to make this a more
generic Keying Sets feature, though that turned out to be a bit too complex to
manage. This simpler implementation will do for now (and it's still always
possible to use scripting to tweak things to your liking/needs).


  1. Hi Aligorith,

    it's great to get the bone group colours back into blender. Back in the 2.4 days it was very handy and made life much
    So, thanks a lot for your effort to bring this back into blender.

    My question is: is this already in trunk and can we expect it to
    be in 2.64?

    Kind regards,

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  3. Hi Aligorith,

    this is great news to have the colour back in the action editor and such.
    However, as of 2.63.13 (r48717) this feature works great on 'normal' blend
    files but not on linked rigfiles. Linking a rigfile into a scenefile leads to non-coloured
    bone groups.

    Do you think that this will be fixed?

    Kind regards,