Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friday Evening Entertainment

Yay! It's Friday again, and time for some entertainment...

Colin Levy (director of Sintel) has just released has latest film (titled "The Secret Number") online. Impressive work Colin, your work keeps getting better and better! Loved all aspects of this, in particular, the overall look and feel, and Jan Morgenstern's epic score.

Came across this the other day. Of the three winning films from that competition, this would have to be my favourite hands down, followed by the pirates+dentists one. Although many people have also praised the ventriloquist one, it just didn't quite do it for me. Its ending seemed quite incomplete, giving a "eh? that's it?!", feeling afterwards. In contrast, my initial reaction after watching this one was, "Huh? What just happened... how did.... but... could it be... hmm..." While slightly open-ended, this film definitely gives the audience stuff to mull over afterwards, which mustn't be a bad thing in a market saturated to crazy furballs ;)

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