Sunday, November 4, 2012

Free at last!

From October 2012

Finally all of my coursework and my honours project thesis are all completed!

It's been one helluva ride! Eight months or so of near constant work on various smaller projects/todos and deadlines -sometimes very busy/long hours like over the past few weeks as I''ve been writing up, where I''ve ended up pulling several consecutive days of 14 to 18 hours work to get everything done. At long last I can now take some time off and without any impending deadlines hanging over my head. So, it'll probably be a few days before I get b.ack to any more Blender stuff. In the meantime, have fun!

(Apologies for any typos. Typed this post on my tablet while getting sleepy... Blogger's interface seems a bit buggy on Android - image above couldn't be loaded the normal way as that froze and spazzed, and doesn't zoom out for more screen space when keyboard shown. Incidentally, photo was taken in garden a few days ago in the nice weather we were having while Sandy ravaged USA - hope everyone over that way is fine. Somehow the colours of the camelias and that setting remind me of an image I''ve seen somewhere...) :-)