Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Blender Dev WIP - Sneak Peek of Some Exciting Tech

At long last, it's taking shape...

EDIT: 1 September 2015, 2pm

Mwahahaahahaha! Mwahahahaahaha! Mwahahaahahaha! It woooorrrrkkkkssss!

(Caveats: This is is just the "simple" mode, and there are still many rough edges that have yet to be polished out. In particular, be warned that this is just operating on the pose-matrix/head/tail combo, and is not getting applied back out to the pre-parenting+constraints loc/rot/scale values... Solving that problem will still be a significant and hairy challenge, considering that this doesn't work well yet even in other places where similar stuff is done. That said, it's great to finally see this dream taking shape.)


  1. wow! works with a non connected bones chain?

    1. This technique isn't that great for unconnected bone chains, though the results shouldn't be too bad if the bones aren't connected.

      Once this basic technique works well, I'm planning to implement another more advanced method to deal with separate chains and/or unconnected bones. Now, *that* one would be much cooler than this, as it gives you a real "line of action" posing tool. Imagine that... instead of just drawing those on your poses afterwards or when sketching them out, the line of action you draw can be used to do the initial broad-strokes posing.