Monday, September 21, 2015

Computational Photography - Removing reflections and obstructions from images

This evening, I stumbled across some amazing work that was presented at Siggraph 2015. I'll let the video do the talking :)

For all photographers out there, this is an awesome development (even if it does need a series of images, or a video stream to function). If you're anything like, me, you'll probably have your fair share of images ruined by unsightly reflection/glare nastiness (my current pet peeve is the sun striking the windscreen from a shallow angle... it's totally impossible to get rid of, from all the ways I've tried!), or maybe there are some shots with some pesky fences in the way...

Now, all that we're still missing is a method to reliably remove camera shake given a single input image (or maybe 2 if we're lucky :). I've got a nice collection of sample images from before I got my 7D that were ruined by that blasted stuff...

Oh, and it wouldn't hurt to get hold of a demo of this code too in the meantime ;)  Hehehe

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