Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pose Sculpting - Dev Update 2

To clarify any confusion, the previous post (about "bendy bones") is NOT Pose Sculpting. That said, I absolutely intend to do some experiments with combining the two later down the track :)

What then is Pose Sculpting? This latest update might give you a clue...

In this video, I demonstrate one of the latest sculpt brushes that I've been working on recently. While not quite the elusive "Draw Brush" that I've been seeking, this technique still very useful in its own right. (It's also provided me with a few ideas about how I might pursue the holy grail).

Then of course, there are still many other things which I haven't shown yet! There are quite a few nice new things that are present here that weren't around in the first version, along with a massive list of things I'm still planning on trying (no, I'm not going to post this... IMO, the techniques you've seen so far pale in comparison when some of the things I've dreamed up are functional <evilgrin>)


  1. Brilhinat.
    It seems to me that you are taking your last new features done for GreasePencil, to add them to your own new brush sculpt inside the non-greasepencil feature ("normal" Blender3D)


    1. Haha... Yes, there is quite a bit of cross-pollination going on here :)

      Actually, it's kindof going both ways: The Pose Sculpt stuff was first, this then got adapted and improved for GPencil Stroke Sculpting, and now I'm bringing back the improvements and insights back to Pose Sculpting!

  2. Love it! So quick and easy to to make subtle pose changes. this will really speed up workflow!

  3. God yes! this is what I have been looking for. Please, please I need this! :)

  4. where can we get/download this???