Friday, January 22, 2016

Summer Has Returned - Tonight's Sunset

After several weeks of windy/wet/overcast/chilly weather, summer finally returned today, with a high of 28 C (+ warm night), a colourful sunset, and another hot sunny day tomorrow with 30 C

While tonight's sunset isn't one of the most exciting I've seen over the years so far, it's notable for several reasons:
1) It's the first one I've seen for several weeks that's worth photographing
2) All across the sky, there was a really nice contrast between yellow/orange/pink clouds and the blue sky (with lumpy gray-blue clouds over the top)
3) There was quite an interesting sweep coming in from the east - like an approaching front or perhaps a nor'west arch starting to form

Earlier in the day, the sun began hiding behind some high, streaky cloud...

Start of sunset - Around 8:45pm - Really bright white-yellow down the bottom, with lumpy gray-blue clouds up top...

Developing sweep-front - towards the north:

Developing orange-blue divide to the south. It was almost looking like it had the rainy "downdrafts" thing going on for a while there...

Layered sunset - a typical pattern this summer:

The "mystic blues" I referred to earlier. There's something quite captivating about these clouds:

The sweep develops:

Lumpy blues meet orange layers:

Orange-blue split intensifies... I'm quite impressed with how quickly this escalated... I was so glad that I decided to hang around for a few more minutes at that point instead of heading back inside for soup!:

 Layering madness:

Late stages of the sweep + orange-blue split:

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