Sunday, February 21, 2016

Burnside High '08 - Reunion 2016

This evening, I attended a small gathering of former classmates from high school who graduated in 2008. For quite a few of us (and particularly in my case), this was the first time that many of us had seen each other since the "leavers last lunch" in 2008, so it was quite interesting + exciting to see everyone again.

It was great catching up everyone - both familiar and unfamiliar faces alike (it's surprising how easy it is to tell who most people are... in many ways, we don't really change that much; I was a bit disappointed though at initially having trouble recognising a few familiar faces - in my defense, it was quite dark!) - and having many interesting conversations about life post-HS. A bunch of us are still studying (mostly masters in electrical engineering or math!), while a few others have jobs now and are doing stuff like checking buildings after quakes (i.e. structural engineer), commercial law stuff, accountant stuff, graphic and landscape design, early childhood education, or technical sales.

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