Friday, February 26, 2016

Hot Weather + Last Night's Sunset

The weather over the past few days has been quite warm - hitting 33 yesterday, 32 again today, and a forecast high of 31 again tomorrow. Considering that this is the tail end of February (traditionally the hottest month of the year in Christchurch) this is not too surprising! With the warm weather, we also sometimes get some rather dramatic skies. Last night was no exception!

What was particularly special about last night's sunset was how there were all these swirly, wispy, complex patterns in the air. It took a while for the colours to build up, but only an instant to quickly fade. Luckily I decided to head out and stay out yesterday evening after dinner, as this evening, it ended up being a bit of a grey-blue fizzer after initially showing a bit of promise...

1 comment:

  1. Like fire above the sky.
    The one with the bird was well caught
    And those behind the trees seems to be burning