Monday, March 21, 2016

Blender 2.77 Released

After weeks of delays as we continued to find regressions (including quite a few from OpenGL related code cleanups), Blender 2.77 has finally been released!

Perhaps one of the big highlights of this release is that it features all the new Grease Pencil features and development that I've been working on for the past few months. In particular, this includes all the stroke sculpting, UI tweaks, and many other cool things this brings!



  1. That's for sure. One of the best improvements/additions to the greasePencil feature....

    And the icing on the cake will be the last work for adding smooth lines to the GP strokes... ☺☺☺


  2. Congrats! This is some seriously awesome features for GP, really keen to dig into it!!

    1. I've been testing the new GP tools out and they are FAB-U-LOUS!!

      I've run into a frustrating workflow issue though, which is that I'm trying to draw my frames onto an animated polygon plane, and I have to keep switching back and forth from the GP keyframe viewer to the Dope Sheet keyframe viewer whenever I shift any timing around in either. I noticed way back you said you were looking into having everything sitting in the dope sheet, whereabouts are you at with that possible feature? It would be grand to be able to select the GP keys and my polygon keys all at the same time and move them all together.

    2. Yes that's still something on my list of things to get around to. I've even got a stub branch locally for doing that work. However, in trying to get it working, I realised that I'd basically need to go over every single operator in the DopeSheet, rewriting a few, so that they could survive when faced with GPencil keyframes instead of crashing. That sort of work however needs a good solid chunk of several days to do - this Easter break I've already spent most of that time doing some other projects which have been on the backburner for even longer :/

      In the meantime, I suggest trying to use two dopesheets simultaneously. That's probably the best you'll manage to do for now

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