Thursday, June 16, 2016

Happy 16/06/16

Just a little bit of fun birdie art for a special date, featuring none other than one of my favourite little silvereyes :)

Painted using Krita

This is a happy end to a slightly frustrating day of wrestling unsuccesfully with various tech issues (namely, with matplotlib to try and export the graphs as I want them, and to get pandas to sort the ordering of grouped mean values by another table's data)... And then, I almost didn't get to put this together this evening, after my Wacom tablet refused to work after I'd restarted my machine earlier. In the past few months, I've come to learn that Windows 8.1 can generally be kept constantly on for around 10-16 days  (Firefox lasts about 2 days before crashing on a video one day) before it starts glitching up (the most noticeable sign is that the taskbar stops behaving correctly, keeping the last window item + its tooltips that were under the mouse when it exited the taskbar highlighted). Hence the restart around 6pm after I got home :)


  1. too many "6" in your paint.... you must be an Illuminati
    (sorry couldn't resist a joke)

    Painting is said to be a relaxing way for dealing with difficult and stressful times..... and you are doing good

  2. Just noting this down in case I lose the link:

    Maybe *this* will finally fix the blasted sort order...