Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Piper" Review - Finding Dory Short

I decided to pull this one out into its own post, as it kind of deserves it IMO...

Birds. Macro Photography. Shallow DOF. Awesome Renders. Entertaining + Creative Animation and Sound Effects. Pixar. Fluff-ball Cuteness Overload!

This is one of the best little shorts I've seen. I really, really, really love it! It's just soo adorable, and features a lot of my favourite things.

In many ways, this little short film is perhaps even better than the main event. Short and sweet, but absolutely jam packed with character. It seems I'm not the only one who'd be interested in seeing more of this - even a longer-form version of this even perhaps.

(c) Disney Pixar 2016

How can you not love this adorable little ball of fluff?  But, just wait till you've seen what happens after the first little "mishap" - that's perhaps even cuter!  Only then do you really start to see what they meant in all the interviews/articles floating around about the tech behind this short (1. I'd really like to know more about it, and 2. I'd love to have a play around with building some for myself :)


  1. I think the same as you. This little video introduction is just soooo amazing to see. Everything seems to be done correctly. I even have read that the realistic look of water and sand is because they used real images for composing the final render...

    Any way, this is soooo brilliantly done!

  2. Wow. Quite beautiful. Interesting the way they've pushed back towards realism versus stylised/cartoony - at least in the char models. I look forward to seeing the whole thing :)

  3. I loved this and enjoyed it more than the actual movie. I wish it was longer as well. Maybe we will see more of her in the future.

    I also smell an Oscar for this short.