Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Afternoon Doodle (+ Additional Music Mashup)

Just a random doodle on a cold and dreary Sunday afternoon, playing around with Krita's Multibrush tool... It's quite bizarre using this tool, yet sometimes, you can get some funky effects (like the middle bit, which was quite captivating to draw).

On a whim, I decided to try mashing up this image with a track I'd recorded yesterday. While they weren't originally meant to be used together (and were definitely not created with each other in mind), the results are strangely compatible in a bizarre way...

From the Youtube description:
On a whim, I decided to do a little mashup featuring a random sketch I'd just made this afternoon, and track I'd recorded yesterday. Surprisingly, the result is not half bad, even though they weren't intentionally made to be shown together.

The visuals were the result of some random doodles I'd made while playing around with the "multibrush" tool in Krita on a cold + dreary Sunday afternoon in mid-winter. It's supposed to start raining soon, but it almost feels like it wants to snow instead...

The music was a track I'd recorded yesterday. It's just me, my violin, and 6 overdubbed tracks (or "Violin Layering" as I've been calling these recordings). I'd originally recorded this track while thinking about trying to record some music to accompany some awesome footage of the ocean rolling in at Sumner beach yesterday that I'd been hoping to cut together sometime.

Perhaps it's the "whale-like" calls, or general sunniness of the colour palette and the general tone of the harmonies, but it's a pretty interesting combination hehe...

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