Friday, November 4, 2022

VMWare - Getting copy-paste support working

While doing some work in a VM today, I discovered, much to my chagrin that VMware was not allowing me to copy text from the VM back out into the host machine! As can be imagined, this is a massive pain if you're trying to Google a frustrating error message, or even to extract the error logs to file bug reports.

The method I'm reposting here has been tested to work with "VMware Workstation 16 Player" (16.1.0 build-17198959) on Windows 10. I'm reposting it here mainly so that I can find it again easier the next time this breaks, but also since the original post may end up going away (given that shabby state of the forum it's hosted on).


Original Link (by "pyhoff")



1) Ensure the VM isn't running

2) Locate the "Virtual Machines" folder. It should be under your Home Directory / Documents folder.

3) Navigate to the VM in question

4) Open up the ".vmx" file in a text editor

5) Add whichever of the following defines are missing from that file  (I just added all of them): = "FALSE" = "FALSE" = "FALSE" = "FALSE"

6) Save the file and start the VM again

7) Bi-directional copy and paste should now be working.

Side Notes:

As much as I love how VMware works out of the box much better than VirtualBox (e.g. Nvidia GPU support actually works, instead of being software emulated!), this is one instance where they dropped the ball... Not only did it seem to suddenly stop working, but the options that various tutorials claimed to use to fix this didn't exist!

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