Sunday, January 15, 2023

Juvenile Silvereyes

Wheee! This afternoon, I came home to the sound of juvenile silvereyes excitedly crying for food. I rushed inside, mounted the bird lens, and looked up at the tree armed with some proper gear. I'm glad I did, as it turns out there were 3 of them in an adorable huddle, and not just the single fat one I thought I'd seen earlier!  😊

3 adorable fluffy juvenile silvereyes

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1) The trio + mum/dad: After feeding.

3 juvenile silvereyes huddled together, and an adult a bit further down the branch, shortly after the babies had been fed. Eye rings of the juveniles are less pronounced than in the adult - appearing thinner and more grey. Juvenile beaks pointing skyward but closed. Adult looking the other way, about to depart.

2) The trio clamouring for food from their parent

3 juvenile silvereyes fighting for food from their parent - beaks wide open and making a racket. Only two of them seem to be in the running though - the third one (on lower left) seems to have been shunted out of the way. The adult bird has a small white object in its beak - about rice-grain sized? Yummy protein snack! A leafy branch partially obscures the view straight down the middle of the photo due to the gusty breeze, so we can't get a clear view of proceedings.

 3) A few more of just the trio of juveniles looking all fluffy huddled together, and dozing off between meals in the warm sunshine.

3 fluffy juveniles - one partially in shadow, one in the light and prominently showing its less pronounced eye ring, and one starting to close its eyes. They are all squished together, such that the middle one looks like it's about to be squeezed up and out.

3 juvenile silvereyes - left-most one looking wistful, middle on looking up, and right-most one with eyes closed looking quite content after a snack.

All three juveniles looking straight at the camera

All 3 straining to screen right - where there's empty space on the branch for their parent(s) to come and deliver their next snack (incoming in 3... 2... 1...)

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