Sunday, December 31, 2023

Announcing TPMS Studio

"TPMS Studio" is a CAD application I built from the ground up while working as a postdoc at the University of Canterbury for realtime modelling + visualisation + direct 3D printing slicing/export for complex functional engineering assemblies featuring porous microstructures.  

* It runs on the GPU and is supposed to be fully cross-platform (though we can only really test / support Windows currently).

* It natively supports more than 30 types of "Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces" (including the usual suspects - Gyroid, Diamond, Primitive, IWP, etc) - My personal favourite though is the "Fischer-Kock C(S)" one  (*)

* We have the ability to directly export geometry to MSLA / resin printers, without needing to go through expensive + resolution-limiting meshing steps through an external slicer?

Also, as you can see from the video / demoreel below, the UI design of this software is heavily influenced + infused with Blender UX heritage ;)

Here's the Fischer-Koch C(S) Lattice:

(Depending on what Blogger does to the image linked from here - if you can load the original .png file, you should be able to load it straight into TPMS Studio and start editing it from there, though it's likely that might not work for any images linked from here)

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