Sunday, November 7, 2010

Waiting for the Silvereyes...

Finally exam season is drawing to a close (just 1 more to go! :)

During this time, I've been taking a good look outside the window everyday, watching as the bottlebrush (slowly) gears up to bloom. As I learnt last year, not only does the flowering of the bottlebrush signal the (imminent) start of summer, but it also marks the fleeting time of the year when the "silvereyes" visit my garden in droves, and most importantly, just outside the window, within eye- (and lens-) sight ;)

These small birdies are small (sparrow-sized) and have a distinctive greenish colour, with white rings around their eyes. Their visit last year piqued my interest in photography, as trying to get a shot of one or more, let alone a decent-looking shot was a real challenge! It also informed my criteria for getting hold of some better equipment (fast autofocus + shot-to-shot times to not miss them in interesting poses, the absolute essentiality of a comfortable grip, and the need for zooming to be able to be done with the other hand instead of being a control just behind the shutter-release (which is perched on top of the camera body)). That said, I suspect I still need to get hold of a longer telephoto lens still...

Hopefully this year I'll be able to get some great shots of them in action.

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  1. nice pic. Ive been wanting to get a sony alpha for their fast shooting and autofocus