Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Macro Fun

It's been a while since I took my macro lens out for a play, so the other day, I did just that!

As usual, I started out with some of my favourite subjects: food! There's just so much interesting texture and colour out there (not to mention wonderful flavours!) to play with with this.

Tomatoes. Yes, that first shot is of a tomato slice too, though I don't quite understand yet why the colours came out like that, that glistening glassy texture is just so alien looking.

More from the kitchen...

Kakapo (Yr 8 Art Project) and Brass Kiwi with Broken Beak (this fell from a cupboard during Feb22, breaking a few glass ornaments and it's own beak; it's a bit symbolic really)

Fabric/cloth can look quite creepy at times

A light in the hallway. These glass beads look really nice when light hits them in a certain way.

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