Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Would you like an aftershock with your exam?

So, this evening I had a little mid-course test back on the main Uni campus (it's the first time I've been back to that campus after several weeks actually).

Although it was just a short 1-hour test, it was quite eventful actually:
- the lights cut out twice during the hour. It was quite interesting to be scribbling frantically and then suddenly stopping mid-sentence as darkness suddenly enveloped the room. I blame the greenies for making us put them blasted power-saver things on the lighting systems (we used to have the same problem back at HS when using the music-block classrooms as warmup rooms for various concerts).
- an aftershock rattled through halfway through the test. Although we didn't really feel it, what I'm guessing to be the roofing iron certainly made us aware of its passing. Initially it sounded like someone (or a stray cat that had somehow gotten in) had knocked over a tin can in the projection booth at the back of the theatre, but then there was a sort of sheet-metal rippling sound.

- and last but not least, the lecturer shuffling the class around to get a "more aesthetically pleasing layout": "leftshift! rightshift!". Hehe... an example of binary-string hacking in the large ;)


Anyways, on another note, today effectively marks the end of term, with a whopping 1 week vacation (thanks quaky).

To celebrate, I'm doing a little hacking tonight... what I'm doing, I'll leave as a surprise for when I've got it working :)

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