Wednesday, August 3, 2011

GSoC11 - Animation Channel Renaming

It's taken a while (including being distracted with other work for a few days), but finally it is now possible to rename animation channels by Ctrl-LMB clicking on their names in the Animation Editors (just like in the Outliner).

For instance, it's possible to rename Objects...
Action Groups...

and more!


  1. very useful! Thanks for this great commit
    cannot wait for a trunk merge!

  2. I just wont You to know that I am very grateful for your work.
    It is crucial for blender animation system to mature ;)

  3. Hi Josua, and really thank you so much for your work.

    Seing this post of you I remembered that I've tought of a feature that could be cool for the interface: In the DopeSheet/Action Editor/GraphEditor, when it comes to check/uncheck attributes, attributes visibility or editability, it is quite quite long to do it one by one clicking, if you have lots of them. I wonder how hard could be the coding for making a system like the layers in Photoshop, where you can slide your mouse and all the layers get unchecked.... so cool! I know it is not very important, but it's a cool gadget.