Friday, November 13, 2015

Silvereye Season

After some delays due to the rain storms we've been having over the past two days, today marks the start of the silvereye season for 2015!

 The first silvereye shot for the season!

This afternoon, several silvereyes dropped by for a snack on the bottlebrush flowers outside my window that opened on Tuesday. A silvereye had dropped by early on Monday afternoon, checking out my tree and a few of the flower heads, despite there not being any obvious flowers at the time; but, since the flowers weren't open yet then, the season only started today :)

It's still early times still, with many flowerheads yet to bloom, and with many of the ones that are open only doing some on one side. Unfortunately, the shape of the bush this year doesn't seem to be so good for getting any good/dramatic shots as I managed last year, with no significant outcrops within clear range of the window. I don't quite understand it, but it seems like the bottlebrush is trying to avoid pine tree, causing it to shrink further and further away from the window! (i.e. exactly what I'm trying to get it NOT to do!)


Stretching from an awkward perch

Standing on top - First clear shots (unfortunately, OOF - AF went for the flower instead :(

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