Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Project - Pose Sculpting Rebooted

To get back into the swing of things, I set some time aside this weekend to resume work on a project I hold dear to my heart....

Pose Sculpting is back!  Bring on 2015/6!

After several years working on other things, learning, tinkering, and dreaming up some new ideas to try, I'm amped to get back to trying to make this a thing. So, this weekend against a backdrop of Thomas Newman soundtracks and hungry silvereyes, I worked on the first step of this plan: getting the code running again with modern Blender, and taking into account many of the things I've learnt since my initial prototype:
   1) Sculpting tools for artists need to have subtle effects to be controllable and useful for making art,
   2) The method used in the Particles "Comb" brush is hopeless. In fact, as seen during the Gooseberry project, it seems that that brush is increasingly not-good for even it's original stated purpose!,
   3) If all else fails, there's still the Pose Sketching methods for doing curvy/line-of-action stuff,
   4) Grease Pencil Stroke Sculpting was based on this initial code, taking many of the learnings and adapting/improving them. Now it's time for this wisdom to feed back the other way :)

Hopefully this time I'll succeed where I didn't last time, and finally manage to perfect the elusive "draw" brush. Failing that, there's still a lot of stuff to try for other places where these tools may be good :)

Bring on the fun times! Woohoo! :D