Friday, January 27, 2023

Grey Warbler (Riroriro) - First successful photo

Came home today to the sound of a grey warbler (riroriro) sporadically singing away in a tree. Think I may have finally captured a photo of the elusive bird with the beautiful high-trilling song!

Playing with the exposure, it becomes clear that it has stunning red eyes, confirming its identity. Luckily, everything came together to make this happen today!



- This is probably only the 2nd or 3rd time I've actually spotted one (and in our garden too), after years of chasing them around the Ilam Homestead gardens to no avail.

- Last time I almost spotted it, I was in a hurry to head out and didn't have my camera (nor the bird lens) to try to get a shot of it. Unfortunately, that time I only had my phone with me, but with the fast-moving nature of these tiny guys, that's quite a tough ask.

- I was lucky that I had both my camera, AND the bird lens with me (as I'd originally been planning to head out to see the 747 freighter that morning), sparing a hasty dash inside to try to mount the lens. That said, in the time it took me to rush back to the car + change the lenses, I almost ended up losing this chance, as the bird must've seen me rushing about, causing it to hide + shut up for a good few minutes upon my return. Doh! Really got lucky this time.

- Shortly after taking like 3-4 shots of it (and only this one turned out to show any identifiable features - the others all being 'blob of brown bird feathers'), I watched in dismay as it shot out the top of the tree - spread-eagled like the fantail I photographed against the twilight sky last winter, and flew (in "ballistic missile" fashion across the road, and out of sight). I truly got quite lucky this time!

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