Friday, January 27, 2023

National Airlines - 747 Freighter in Christchurch

Christchurch Airport had a welcome visitor today:  A 747-400 freighter from National Airlines!  And not just any one of the fleet, but N936CA - a bird painted in a striking red + white "30th Anniversary" livery!

What's even better is that I happened to arrive at just the right time to capture some airport staff loading cargo into the bay through the hatch, located near where SOFIA's telescope bay was.

It turned out to also be quite a busy night at the Christchurch airport, as loads of flights were getting diverted from Auckland amidst a torrential stormy downpour that saw a landing Air NZ jet lose control taking out several of the runway lights, and flooding that saw the terminals flooded.

The start of a crowd of local plane spotters gathering by the fence. Personally, I'm still weary of trying to drive into that area + park there, since it is still ultimately the carpark for the nearby businesses...

Closing Words

A big thank you to whoever ended up chartering this cargo flight into town! Please do it again sometime soon / or maybe, make it a regular thing? Pretty please 🥺

This lover of large quad-jets thanks you in advance!

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